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Beautiful Waterfalls in Alabama

Beautiful Waterfalls in Alabama

Looking for a beautiful waterfall in the southern United States? Make sure you check out the Caney Creek Falls located in the William B. Bankhead National Forest inside of Alabama.

The falls are broken up into two sections, the upper falls and the lower falls. The Upper Caney Creek Falls spills over into a large pool that is known for it’s bluish green color. If the water in the Caney Creek is high enough, you’ll probably get to see a second waterfall slightly to the right of the famous Upper Caney Creek Falls. Right next to the waterfall is a small cliff overhang, which serves as the perfect spot for a quick lunch break!

The trail leading up to the falls is relatively short, as it descends into the Caney Creek canyon. Lush green Alabama forest surrounds the trail, and you might have to cross a small creek or two. We definitely recommend some waterproof hiking boots, as these trails are known to get a little wet!

This family friendly and dog friendly park is a great destination if you want to go on a simple hike through the Bankhead National Forest, and see a gorgeous waterfall while you’re at it!

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