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Grab a Brew Here in Minnesota

Grab a Brew Here in Minnesota

“Great beer demands great water”!  Hmm…  That slogan sounds very familiar.  With that being said, we hope you’ve been to . . . (Read More) Bent Paddle Brewery in Duluth, Minnesota because they are for sure brewing up some great beer!  With a combined 44 years of brewery experience amongst the founders, this place is firing on all cylinders!  Brewed using water from Lake Superior, Bent Paddle Brewery will ignite your palate with all sorts of amazing flavors.  When you are there, give their 14º ESB a try.  Did we mention it won a bronze and silver award at the Great American Beer Festival? Yeah.  It's good.
So, with that, we encourage sit back, and drink in your heritage. Who said history and science can’t be fun?

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