Grab a Brew Here in Kentucky

Grab a Brew Here in Kentucky

We found it…  we found the one brewery that provides us everything we need.  Braxton Brewery in Covington, Kentucky has it all and is designed to look like a garage which gives a nod to their humble beginning and that feeling of always being welcomed.  Obviously this place brews beer. Great beer at that.  However, this place also has its own line of coffee!  Talk about not knowing which beverage to get more excited about!  With coffee on tap (literally) and a good amount of beers on tap as well, you can’t go wrong here.  If you get a chance to go, try their Dead Blow Stout brewed with Dates.  If you’re really lucky, try a beer from their Dark Charge series.  A limited release, but worth it if you can get your hands on it!

So, with that, we encourage you to sit back, and drink in your heritage. Who said history and science can’t be fun?

Wait... No beer is perfect with a pint glass.  We have you covered.  Get yours here!

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