Grab a Brew Here in Indiana

Grab a Brew Here in Indiana

Hey Indianapolis, we’re looking at you.  More specifically, we’re looking at Brugge Brasserie.  For fine drinks and fine eats, this place is a must.  Pulling inspiration from Belgium itself, this brewery holds nothing back.  Such great Belgian-inspired beers grace the halls of this brewery.  Two of our faves are the Tripel De Ripple, a blonde Belgian-style tripel, and the delicious Madeline La Framboise, which is a Flanders Brown Ale brewed with raspberries.  Beer not your thing?  You’re in luck, because this brewery has food that would put most restaurants to shame.  Try one of their excellent charcuterie boards next time you go and prepare to be delighted.

So, with that, we encourage you to grab a pint of your favorite local craft beer, sit back, and drink in your great state.

Wait... No beer is perfect without the perfect pint glass.  We have you covered.  Get yours here!


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