Grab a Brew Here in Illinois

Grab a Brew Here in Illinois

Historically speaking, train stations are a thing of the past.  That is until Dean and Carolyn Armstrong fell in love with craft beer and wanted to preserve the beloved Flossmoor Train Station located in Flossmoor, Illinois.  Naturally, they renovated the place and turned it into The Flossmoor Station Restaurant and Brewery!  They didn’t stop there, though, because when you drink, you get hungry and when you get hungry you want food and my, oh my, do they have a lot of amazing options.  Ordering one of everything seems like a solid plan to us, but if you feel like you have to make a less fattening decision, may we suggest that you grab a Ghost Freight Coffee Stout and their Mac & Cheese Bacon Burger (Because, bacon AND mac & cheese) and enjoy life, because you’re living it right.  Once you’re finished, go get yourself some ice cream from The Old Caboose outside which is conveniently housed in… you guessed it… a caboose.

So, with that, we encourage you to sit back, and drink in your heritage. Who said history and science can’t be fun?

Wait... No beer is perfect without a perfect pint glass.  We have you covered.  Get yours here!

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