Grab a Brew Here in Iowa

Grab a Brew Here in Iowa

Fresh ingredients. Local ingredients. Seasonal ingredients. Organic ingredients.  These are the four things that mean the most to this brewery.  Touting itself as the brewery for venturesome beer drinkers, SingleSpeed Brewery located in Cedar Falls, Iowa keeps it as real as they can.  By trying to brew beers that have flavors larger breweries can’t attain, this little “brewery that could” is redefining popular views on beer.  Case in point, if you want to give your taste buds a WILD ride, try their IPA Blanco.  It’s a witbier, wheat ale, and IPA all in one glorious concoction.

So, with that, we encourage you to sit back, and drink in your state. Who said history and science can’t be fun?

Wait... A perfect beer requires a perfect pint.  We have you covered.  Get yours here!

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