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Grab a Brew Here in Missouri

Grab a Brew Here in Missouri

Did you know that the Native American meaning for Missouri is “one that has dugout canoes”? Our pick for must-visit brewery in Missouri, taking its name from the state’s Native American meaning, is . . . (Read More) Logboat Brewing Company. Logboat is the place to be year-round.  On cold winter nights, grab a Dark Matter wheat porter and sit at a table that even Ron Swanson would be proud of.  Utilizing as much reclaimed wood as possible, the Logboat Taproom uses Missouri Heart Pine for its bar top and all of its table tops.  And for that warm summer night, grab a Shiphead Ginger Wheat and head out to the green-space known as “The Shipyard”.  Just watch out for flying cornhole bean bags. You’ve been warned.

So, with that, we encourage you to sit back, and drink in your heritage. Who said history can’t be fun?

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