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Where to Eat in Kentucky on Valentine's Day

Where to Eat in Kentucky on Valentine's Day

Sporting all sorts of dining awards, Bella Notte is a must try.  Walk into this restaurant and be prepared to take a trip to Italy without the plane ticket.  Bella Notte transports you to a rustic Tuscan farmhouse while giving your taste buds the nuances you’d experience at some of Italy’s best culinary schools.  Is it a coincidence that most Italian culinary schools are located in farmhouses?  We don’t think so.  The menu is designed for both group or individual dining experiences, which provides one of the more versatile ordering options we’ve ever seen and the prices for both options are very affordable.  After carefully surveying the menu, we went with Bella Original Penne Pesto.  The flavors were all present in this simple dish with pesto, parmesan and pine nuts, and not one drowned out the other; a huge accomplishment considering pesto can be very overpowering.  For dessert, we went for arguably the most challenging dish on the entire menu… The Signature Chocolate Soufflé.  If you aren’t familiar, the Huffington Post named soufflés as one of the hardest desserts to make due to their temperamental nature and propensity to “fall”.  So with much surprise, when the soufflé arrived and we dug a spoon into the center of the soufflé (which is the proper way to test the bake of the soufflé) and pulled out the core of the dessert, it rested perfectly on the spoon.  Don’t even get us started on the taste, but for $6 just go ahead and order two. No judgment here!  This place is for sure going to be a popular destination on Valentine’s Day, so don’t hesitate to secure a reservation here.

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