Where to Eat in Ohio on Valentine's Day

Where to Eat in Ohio on Valentine's Day

If you are from the Cincinnati area, you have probably heard of the fine dining experience that was The Maisonette and its unbuttoned, speakeasy feeling, basement counterpart, La Normandie. But as a phoenix dies to be reborn, so did La Normandie die to become a better version of itself. Allow us to introduce you to Sotto.  Located on 6th street in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati beneath what is now Boca, Sotto is, as the Italians would say, truly “Rocambolesco” (Fantastic). Try not to miss the entrance as only a small wooden plank bares the name of the restaurant leading you down a dark stone stairwell.  Sotto refers to itself as a subterranean Italian trattoria and it’s all of that and more.  With the dimly lit setting and the food that will practically force you to savor every bite, Chef Danny Combs takes you on a trip to grandma’s house in Italy even if you don’t have a grandma in Italy.  When you go, start out with a goat cheese & hazelnut honey bruschetta and work your way across the menu.  If you’re looking for something that is Italian with an American flair, aim for the short rib cappellacci and if you’re looking for something that you won’t be able to stop dreaming of, treat yourself to the ricotta doughnuts for dessert.  There are so many more beautiful nuances to this eatery that we could go on about, but you’ll just have to find those yourself.  Make your reservations here!  Ciao.

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