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Where to Eat in Wisconsin on Valentine's Day

Where to Eat in Wisconsin on Valentine's Day

Born and raised in Italy and migrating to America in 1993, Angelina was surprised to see what Americans deemed to be Italian food.  Armed with all of her knowledge regarding Italian cooking and her love for her homeland dishes, Angelina opened her self-titled restaurant, Angelina, and Green Bay residents have been praising her ever since. Angelina prides itself on slowing down life and making you enjoy your time at the dinner table.  Trust us. You won’t want to speed through this dining experience.  In the nicely-sized dining room, you will find yourself taking deep breaths of the fresh, fragrant wafts coming from the kitchen.  If weather permits, try sitting outside in the patio garden.  It definitely adds to the meal.  With not a single thing on the menu overpriced, you won’t have any issues ordering exactly what you desire.  We started with the bruschetta and moved onto the Bucatini Alli Amatriciana. Delicioso! If you're still hungry for more after all of that, go ahead and do yourself a favor and order the cannolis.  We may just be blindly in love with all things pistachio, but the pistachio cannoli was ridiculously amazing!  This restaurant should be an easy decision when it comes to picking out a Valentine’s date spot.  Make your reservations now by calling (920)-437-7248 so you don’t miss out!

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