Best Place to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Michigan

Best Place to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Michigan

From Lansing to Detroit, on up to Traverse City, no matter where you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Michigan, you can’t go wrong! For those of you who are still deciding on your St. Patty’s day whereabouts, perhaps give Ann Arbor a try this year!  If you’ve found yourself cajoling around AA for the celebration of a magical, green little man, you’re truly in luck! And, let’s be honest, in Ann Arbor, the only time of the year where a green man is welcomed with open arms is St. Patrick’s day! Am I right? So, set your alarm for 6:15AM and scurry on down to Ashley’s. With 70+ taps and plenty of whiskey, the breakfast buffet will be a welcomed treat.

If you don’t feel like going that route, might we suggest Conner O’Neill’s? For this Irish establishment will be beckoning you from down the way. Not to mention that the rotating hourly drink specials will keep you busy and happily buzzed! Rumor has it, people between the ages of 2-92 have celebrated the Emerald Isle at Conner O’Neill’s in the past and with a traditional Irish band, corned beef & cabbage, and Irish stew, you’ll never want to leave!  Once you’re done with the overly crowded bar scene, feel free to finish your day with some Irish Yoga on The Diag. Don’t know what Irish Yoga is? You should click here. Or, just meander home from the bar with your fellow Irish imposters, pop in The Luck of The Irish and revel in the fact that you’re enjoying one of the best Disney Channel Original movies ever made! Never watched it? Irish you would. (Yeah, we went there.)

 What's your favorite St. Patrick's Day celebration?  Let us know in the comments!

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