Best Place to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Missouri

Best Place to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Missouri

Outside of the Royals making it to the World Series, St. Patricks Day weekend is arguably one of the biggest events to ever hit Kansas City. And unlike the Royals being in the World Series, this celebration is guaranteed to be an annual event! The festivities always occur on the weekend prior to the holiday and the event is affectionately known as Snake Saturday in honor of Saint Patrick having banished the snakes from Ireland. Here’s a rundown of the festivities for your perusal:  The weekend kicks off on Friday, March 11th, with a carnival and the annual cook-off where the entrants receive a Kansas City Strip steak and are judged on their taste, tenderness, and presentation, including the decorating of the takeout box in line with the annual them. The theme this year? Wee the People. Very clever, Kansas City. Very clever.

Saturday, March 12th, is the day of the Snake Saturday Parade which takes place in North Kansas City and is a  big parade where anyone can enter if they so desire and typically, a lot of people have a desire! Past years have seen upwards of 100,000 participants.  That’s a large flock of shamrock-touting smocks! The entire event is family-friendly, a rare occurrence when talking about celebrating St. Patty’s Day, and the event has also managed to raised over $1 million for local charities over the past 30 years!

Now, what do to on the actual St. Patrick’s Day?  Well since our above suggestion was for a tamer crowd, we are holding nothing back for our party day suggestion.  Ever heard of Missouri University of Science and Technology?  Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day here is a MUST. Get it? Of course you do.  MS&T holds an annual 10-day party that they astutely refer to as a “predominant cultural event”. Yes, you read that correctly. The party lasts for 10 days with two days off for students, an annual “killing” of rubber snakes in commemoration of St. Patrick and a multitude of other traditions.  The school holds the world record for most alcohol consumed in a three day period, and since Guinness Book of World Records no longer records alcohol-related achievements, they will hold that record for the entire foreseeable future. If you can’t make it this year, don’t be bummed.  The event has been happening every year since 1903, so chances are it’s not going away any time soon!

 What's your favorite St. Patrick's Day celebration?  Let us know in the comments!

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