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The Best Donut in New York

Posted by Brian Flick on


Want to talk about a daunting task?  Finding what we think to be the best donut shop in New York.  Holy moly.  Where to start?  It seems like every street has a donut shop in this state, especially in Manhattan.  However, we are troopers and regardless of the people we anger with our selection, our winner is… The Doughnut Project!  Located in the West Village and armed with a full-fledged delivery service and some of the most interesting flavor combinations we’ve ever seen, this place is constantly pushing the limits.  Anyone care for a prosciutto, pear and olive oil doughnut?  How about a PB&J doughnut?  Seriously, though, the latter one is worth trying. These amped up flavors are not for the faint of heart, but don’t let fear hold you back!  These guys know how to bring the flavor without losing the simplicity of a normal doughnut.  All the more reason to get there super early because this place wouldn’t sell out every day if they weren’t any good.

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