The Best Donut in Wisconsin

The Best Donut in Wisconsin

S’mores donut.  Cotton candy donut.  Chicken.  Cappuccino donut.  One of these things is not like the other.  One of these things doesn’t belong.  However… Mike’s Donuts and Chicken has thrown caution to the wind and grabbed the sweet and savory bull by the horns.  Located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this place has something for literally everyone!  Chicken biscuit sandwich?  They have it.  Thin Mint donut?  They have it.  Full wet bar?  They have it!  What this place doesn’t have is an antacid dispenser and after not being able to stop eating all of the delicious offerings this place is pumping out, you just may need it!

Like Wisconsin?  We do as well.  Click here to shop out Wisconsin collection!

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