About Us

Our Story

My State Threads was originally started in 2012 as Be Ohio Proud by our founder & CEO, Danny Stull. Danny wanted to create a movement that showed pride in being from the Midwest. He drew up countless design iterations of the now iconic “HOME” design for Ohio. In the early days, Danny sold the design on decals to local coffee shops, outdoor stores and boutiques. They sold like hot-cakes and Danny began making more and running the business from his OTR apartment.

With continued success, Danny started screen printing on t-shirts, and extended designs into other states. Be Ohio Proud evolved into My State Threads and focused on creating state pride apparel and gifts. By 2015, MST moved into a warehouse space to accommodate a growing stock and product range and bought their own space in 2018. My State Threads now offers designs in almost all 50 states! While “state” has been a geographic term from the start, MST intends to keep evolving by offering numerous lines that apply to different states of mind, states of life, etc.

Our Vision

Aside from growing our state and product range, the vision at My State Threads has always been to “grow love”. While it may appear that we just make apparel and gifts, we truly believe we are doing much more than that. Our team and our products aim to make you smile, make you comfortable and make you proud. And we want you to pass it on! The more you love your state, the more you are showing love for others who share your sentiment. It creates a deep sense of unparalleled belonging to something greater than yourself.

Our vision to "grow love" also applies internally. All of our apparel is responsibly sourced and we use eco-friendly inks. We partner with suppliers like FreesetUSA, a Fair Trade non-profit in business for freedom from oppression, poverty, & exploitation.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to bringing you the softest and most durable state pride apparel on the market that is responsibly-sourced. With our iconic designs and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we can assure that our staff and our shirts will grow love in your state and community.