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We want to help you wear your heart on your sleeve and your Home on your chest. It all starts at Home. Home is where you learn to laugh, play, cry and love. Every single one of us has a piece of Home in us that will follow wherever we go. Our soft, durable and 100% guaranteed apparel and gifts make it simple, no matter how far you might travel on the unbeaten path, to bring that sense of love with you and share it with your community.

We may just make apparel and gifts with simple and beautiful designs, but we truly believe we are doing much more than that.

Our team and our shirts aim to make you smile so you can pass it on and grow love in your community. WE ARE GROWING LOVE ONE STATE AT A TIME!
About Us
HOME…We all have one. We all have that place that we spent nights chasing fireflies and days riding bikes and building friendships. That place that, as old as you get, still makes you feel like a child again. Our love of home is deeply rooted and connects us all. There is a confidence, purity, strength, and love that is written into the DNA of our communities that binds our hearts to our state and to others who share our roots.

We at My State Threads hope our products can capture and manifest those same sentiments in you.

We feel a strong calling to “Grow Love”. By creating simple, beautiful designs that uplift where you are from, we give you an easy way to show love for your great state. The more you love your state, the more you are showing love for others who share your sentiment. It creates a deep sense of unparalleled belonging to something greater than yourself.

So don’t be fooled. We don’t just make apparel and gifts. We GROW LOVE. Because, when it’s all said and done, there really is no place like home.
Mission Statement
We are dedicated to bring you the softest and most durable state pride apparel on the market that is responsibly-sourced. With our iconic designs and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we can assure that our staff and our product will grow love in your state and community.

My State Threads is an apparel company that provides customers with the opportunity to showcase their state pride with simple and eye-catching designs.

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